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You are warmly welcome to Awuradedea Business Port where all your needs can be dealt with in a more friendly and personal manner within the shortest possible time frame.
Our services include all kinds of products ranging from automobiles, technology, kitchenware, room fittings and many other more products and services.
How It Works
Select a list of products from our site or give a detailed information about your own product by completing our request form.
All your orders, questions and queries will be answered within three working days.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

CEO - K.O Siaw
Brand: Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen (VW), Opel, Peugeot, Ford, etc. 

Model Hatchback, station wagon, pick-up, van, passenger bus, sedan, convertible, etc.   

Make your order with your own choice of car, brand, model, colour etc and will be attended to within the shortest possible time frame.  

Motor bicycles and bicycles
Make your choice from our brands and models or submit your own brand and model. 

Important information
All our automobiles are in good condition, within 10 years of manufacture, short mileage and have not involve in any form of accident. 

Saloon, Trucks & others of different makes & models including car parts. 

Laptops, Desktops & Tablets of different brands. PHONES: Mobile Phones of different brands. 

Laptop chargers, laptop batteries, chargers, phone batteries , phone accessories and other related accessories. 

Many more items available. Your wish list items will be dealt with promptly.
Trust us and your security is assured

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